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The Centre for Elections and Democracy in Southern Africa (CEDSA) is a politically independent, non-governmental democracy, governance and electoral research organisation based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The major focus of the organisation is the promotion of electoral democracy in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

This think tank serves to further public education through the production and dissemination of accessible commentary and scholarship. The organisation aims to provide a balanced and thoughtful perspective on topical issues, promoting open and rationale debate based on evidence rather than ideology. It seeks to instil, into the public that it deals with, a more nuanced understanding of the concepts of democracy, human rights and electoral participation by going beyond the superficial definitions and meaning currently propagated by some civic bodies and political parties in the country.

The organisation has a sub regional focus, conducting and commissioning work in the following areas: Electoral studies; opinion polls and surveys, election observation in the region and analysis of electoral laws and how they are applied by countries in the region and beyond. Through its innovative programming, the organisation seeks to challenge conventional wisdom, stimulate debate and enlighten the public conversation.

The Centre’s Research Advisory Council comprised of renowned academics and professionals in a variety of disciplines guides the organisation’s research staff.


The vision of CEDSA is democratisation, empowerment, development and Human Rights in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

Building Democracy for Empowerment and Free Electoral Participation

Our Values

In pursuit of its vision the organisation is guide by the following values:
  • Democratic institutions and processes
  • Equal Respect for first and second generation human rights
  • Development and empowerment of citizenry
  • Non Partisan election monitoring and observation
  • Transparency and independence
  • Gender Equality
  • Non-Discrimination

Contact Us

Physical Address
No 10 Soden Avenue,
Hillside, Harare,

Postal Address
Box A122,
Avondale, Harare,

Phone: +263 4 747 545